Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cast Iron Skillet

Lately I've been thinking that my family really needs a food blog. Not necessarily a recipe blog because a lot of us are not reeaally recipe followers. For me a recipe is just a starting point. And anyway, when I see a good recipe I don't usually have all the ingredients. So I like to look in the refrigerator and cupboards and see what inspires me. It usually works.

I'm also not a gadget freak. I think if you can't make it in a cast iron skillet or a big old casserole it's too complicated anyway. Even writers in the food section of the greatest paper in the U.S. ( o.k. my husband works there but I still think it's the best) agree with me.
Maybe I'll pack a cast iron skillet next summer for the cabin in the Porcupine Mountains. Too bad I can't bring my own gas stove.

So hey family! How about it?