Sunday, January 10, 2010

Macaroni & Blue Cheese

Living in the northern suburbs of NYC has its +'s and -'s. On the upside we're very close to NYC. On the downside we're very close to NYC.

I'm sure you get how that's a plus.

But the minus is that Rockland County NY doesn't always have all the amenities that you'd like because local businesses can't compete with NYC, only 20 miles away.

So I was really happy a couple of years ago when I found out about Laraia's Cheese in Nanuet. Not only do they make their own mozzarella but they carry artisanal cheeses that you'd usually have to travel at least 20 miles to buy.

And today I made some pretty fabulous macaroni & blue cheese with some great French blue from Laraia's.

So what if it's made with cheese, butter AND cream. It's winter. I need the extra energy for snow shoveling. Anyway, that's how I rationalize it.